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Winter Tips for Pets

by Ellie Gwon |

Follow these winter tips for pets to keep your furry frens safe all season long!

  1. Limit time outdoors. Some dogs are able to withstand the cold more than others, but it’s important to know your pet’s limits. Keep an eye on them and the temperature any time you let them out or take them for a walk. Remember that if it’s too cold for you, it’s probably too cold for them.
  2. Consider sweaters or coats. If your dog is more susceptible to the cold, they may need a sweater or coat to keep them extra warm. 
  3. Bring them inside if you can. If your pets must live primarily outdoors, bring them in any time the temperature falls below freezing. During other times of the colder months, make sure they have a dry, warm shelter where they can comfortably sleep. The floor should be raised and include some sort of insulation such as straw. 
  4. Only use plastic bowls outside. If you have food or water bowls outside, make sure you only use plastic, as metal can freeze and stick to your pet’s tongue. 
  5. Check hiding spots around your car before turning it on. Many cats and other animals will seek warmth and shelter in wheel wells of cars, so honk or bang on your car to give them a chance to wake up and escape before you begin driving. 
  6. Wipe your pet’s paws. It’s tough to know exactly what you’re walking through at any point, but during the winter, you may be walking through antifreeze, salt, and other harmful de-icers. Before heading inside, wipe your pet’s paws to make sure they don’t like any harmful chemicals off of them. 
  7. Check your pet’s paws. Snow and ice can hurt your pet’s paws, so check regularly for cracks or blood. 
  8. Keep your pets on a leash. If it snows in your area, it can easily disguise scents that your pet would usually use to find their way home should they get away. Keep them on a leash and keep an eye on them in the cold.
Keep those pets healthy and safe all year long! Explore our blog for more pet tips and fun!