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Top Tips for Cats in the Summer

by Pet Selfies Admin |

Meeee-OW it’s hot! The summer months always bring some added stress and threats to our pets. So to make sure you’re keeping your feline friend safe and cool, we’re giving you our top tips for cats in the summer. Whether you have an indoor cat, outdoor cat, or a cat who likes both, these tips will help. 

Tips for cats in the summer


Always keep plenty of fresh, cool water available.

If you have an indoor cat, make sure he or she always has water. Keep it cool and fresh. Consider adding ice cubes to help!

For outdoor cats, place at least two bowls around the exterior of your home and keep them full of cool, fresh water at all times. 

Keep them inside during the day to avoid the sun

If you have a cat that likes to spend some time outside and some time inside, try to keep it indoors for most of the day when the sun is out. Believe it or not, cats can actually get sunburnt, especially around their ears and noses or any other area with less fur. There are some sunblock options, but a safer option would be to keep it inside during the strongest sun, typically from 11-3. 

If this isn’t an option, make sure your cat has plenty of shaded options outside: trees, bushes, tables, and even under a deck if you’re not worried about rodents taking over. 

Make cat-sicles

Cats deserve cool, refreshing treats, too! Next time you grab a box of popsicles or ice cream at the store, consider your furry feline friend as well.

You can freeze tuna brine or low-salt chicken stock to make refreshing (and delicious… well, to cats at least) treats that they’ll love. 

Play with ice cubes

Give your cat some ice cubes (on a hard floor of course) and allow them to play. Not only will this help cool down their paws, it’ll also help hydrate them (if they lick the cubes) and keep them active. Score!

Give them a wet towel

We all know the trope: cats hate water. Unlike our pup friends who can jump in a pool or run through hose water to cool off, our kittycat friends need some extra help (but we’re used to them being a little extra, aren’t we?). Soak a towel in cold water and dab or stroke your cat for some extra relief from the heat. If they’re willing, allow them to lie on the wet towel to really cool off. 

Don’t forget to groom them!

Excess fur traps in heat, so getting rid of dead hair can help your cat stay cool. Groom them regularly, especially during intense heat waves. 

Here’s to a purrrrfect summer full of cool water and refreshing treats. Cheers, cat friends!