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The 13 Stages of a New Year’s Resolution as Told by Pets

by Pet Selfies Admin |

Happy 2020, frens! 


We all know the struggle of setting (and sticking with) new year’s resolutions, but who tells it better than pets? 


Here we give you: new year’s resolutions as told by pets.

1. Resolution: set. I’m ready for you, 2020! Let’s do this!!


2. I am a MACHINE!  


3. Look at me. I’ve done so well. I’ve eaten healthy, I’ve gone to the gym a bunch, I’ve learned some new things. I am conquering this year!


4. Ooops. I missed a day. No one will notice, right??


5. Ooohhhh look! Treats!! 




7. Mmmmm treats. 


8. Maybe I’m overdoing it on the treats. Wait a second. Wasn’t I supposed to be healthier this year? 


9. OH YEAH! Back on it!!


10. Except… I don’t really feel like getting up today. Maybe that resolution wasn’t such a great idea after all. 


11. Oh no. Year’s almost over. What have I done all year?? Oh yeah, treats… 


12. Oh well. Better luck next year! 


13. I’ll just stay right here till next January.


Wherever you find yourself, just know that all of us pets are with you! 


Happy new year.