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Summer Activities for Dogs

by Pet Selfies Admin |

It’s the dog days of summer! Time to get outside with your pup and enjoy the sunshine, warmth, and all that summer brings. But when you want to change things up a bit, here’s a list of our favorite summer activities for dogs. 

Get a kiddie (sorry, doggie) pool

If you don’t have a pool or source of water nearby, grab a kiddie pool and give your dog a fun way to stay cool in the summer heat. You can find them at almost any local superstore or online for fairly cheap. For some added fun, grab a sprinkler and some water toys. Any water-loving pooch will go wild for this fun backyard water park!

Play hide and seek

Have one person keep the dog inside while another person (or multiple people) hide outside. After everyone has hidden, release your dog outside to find everyone! The last person to be found wins, but we all know the dog always wins. 

Create an obstacle course

Work on that agility! Create a DIY obstacle course in the backyard using some cardboard boxes, toys, slides or other playground equipment, hula hoops, pool floats, and more! Teach your pup to make it through the entire thing, and don’t forget the treats at the end! (NEVER forget the treats.)

Learn a new trick

If you have a hooman child too, this is a win-win! Give them a goal to teach the family dog a new trick and see what they come up with. It’ll take some time and teach them patience. It’ll also be fun and bonding for your dog! 

Go treasure hunting

If you haven’t been geocaching before, grab your dog and try it out! It’s a fun new treasure hunt that uses GPS to guide you to hidden treasures. Bring your dog next time you go, or create your own! Bury some of your dog’s favorite toys and treats along a nearby trail or your walking route in your neighborhood, or even in the backyard or home. 

Get ready for a fun summer with your pup by your side! We can’t wait to see what you and your furry friend get into. Share some pictures with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram