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Springtime Tips for Pet Owners

by Ellie Gwon |

Warm weather, spring breaks, Easter… there are so many great things that come with springtime. But with the spring also comes some harmful risks to your pets and a few things you’ll need to take extra care about. Check out our springtime tips for pet owners below so you can have a fun, safe spring!  

Beware of Easter treats

Be careful with all the chocolates and other candies that you’re bound to get from the Easter bunny. Keep them out of reach from your furry friends and call your vet if they happen to get into them. 

Beware of flowers

Did you know lilies and daffodils can be fatal if ingested by cats? They’re a beautiful springtime flower, but consider if they’re worth the risk. 

Resist the urge to buy cute festive animals

Every year around this time, tons of people decide to buy live bunnies, chicks, and other festive animals. While they’re adorable and fun, they require specialized care, and too often, people end up getting rid of them after the season. 

Be careful with your spring cleaning

Most cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that can be fatal to pets. Yes, even natural cleaning products! Store them safely and away from your pets. 

Garden with care

Lots of springtime plants are toxic and even fatal. Pesticides and herbicides are also dangerous to pets. So as you prepare your spring garden, learn which plants are safe and which ones should be avoided. 

Protect against fleas and ticks

Always have a plan for your pet when it comes to fleas and ticks. Stay consistent and check them regularly! 

Happy spring, frens! Keep your pets safe and happy!