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Spring Activities for Dogs

by SPOKE Custom Products, LLC |

Spring is right around the corner, and with the warmer weather comes more days spent outside with your pups! Here are a few of our favorite spring activities for dogs:

1. Go to a local dog park 

Dog parks are a great place to take your pup during the spring to socialize. They can also be a fun place for you to meet other hoomans. Check online to see where the closest dog park is to you!

2. Take a hike 

Hiking is a pawsome way to get your dog’s energy out and even let them roam wild and free off-leash if they are trained to do so. 

3. Travel to a river or lake 

Most dogs love water! If your pup is a water bug, then the springtime is a great season to start visiting local rivers and lakes with your furry fren. Before you set on a river or lake, make sure to check and see if it is dog-friendly!

4. Go camping 

Find a pet-friendly campsite and hit the wilderness for a weekend! Before you go, don’t forget to pack all of your dog’s goods such as food, water bowl, toys, leash, collar, and bags to pick up poop. 

5. Practice fetching 

Lastly, a great spring activity is getting outside and being active with your dog. Take some time out of every day to practice fetching in the front yard. This will help with keeping your pup active and tiring them out! 

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