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Quarantine Tips for Pet Owners

by Pet Selfies Admin |

Are you still working from home, social distancing, and/or spending more time indoors? Your pet is no doubt feeling the effects of quarantine as well, so try these tips to stay sane and bond with your pet during quarantine! 

  1. Have a routine. You may have noticed that working from home doesn’t go smoothly if you don’t have a routine for yourself. The same goes for your pet! Have a routine that they can get used to since they’re likely experiencing some anxiety from their original routine being interrupted. This even includes designated play times so your pet can start to learn not to expect you to play while you’re working. 
  2. Try to create a pet-free work zone. But know that it’s okay (and understandable!) if this doesn’t always work out for you. Minimize distractions and show your pet early on that it’s not play time. Give them their favorite toys or treats and keep them outside of your designated workspace for a majority of your work day. 
  3. Have some alone time. You and your pet both need alone time. Take a walk without them a few times a week, or let them lay outside in the sun for a few hours. This will give you both time to recharge and also make your time together even sweeter!
  4. Teach them a new trick! No matter how young or old your pet is, enrichment is always helpful in stimulating their minds and strengthening your bond. Spend some time regularly working on a new trick and be sure to reward them!
  5. Create a new toy for them. This is especially helpful if you have kids at home, too. Have them create DIY toys out of boxes, fabric, recycled tennis balls, crafting supplies, or other items you have lying around your home. 
  6. Play new games with them. Have you tried hide and seek? What about setting up a “treasure hunt” with treats? This is another activity that is great for pets and kids together. 
  7. Try a new treat recipe. We put together a few of our favorite (healthy!) pet recipes here

How are you and your pet staying healthy, sane, and happy while quarantining? Let us know in our Facebook group