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New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Pet

by Ellie Gwon |

Still looking for a good new year’s resolution? What about one that involves your pet as well?! We’ve put together some resolutions for you and your pet to adopt - they’re not tough to follow and they’ll bring you and your furry fren closer together. 

New year’s resolutions for you and your pet:

Eat healthier

This is on everyone’s list, isn’t it? Well, what about your pet’s resolutions list? It can be easy to say that we’ll start eating healthier, but it’s important to make sure we make the same goals for our pets as well. 

Take a moment to evaluate what, when, and how much your pet is eating, then make one small change to start! Once this change becomes a habit, it’ll be easy to implement any other changes that may need to happen. 

And guess what! The same can be said for your diet, hooman! 

The New Year is the perfect time to evaluate what, when and how much your pet is eating.

Get active

Have an overweight pet? (No judgement, we’ll call it quarantine weight!) Work with your vet to determine a healthy weight goal for your pet, then make a goal to get active a few times a week. This may look like a short walk each day or a long run once a week. Start small and realistic, then slowly start adding to your goal. You’ll both be in great shape before you know it! 

Take more walks

Walks are great for our health as well as pets’ health. Even a 15-minute walk per day can lead to incredible results over time. 

Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your pet and get outside more. 

Learn a new trick or hobby

You may have a new hobby on your list of resolutions - but have you thought about helping your pet find something new they love?

Find a fun new trick to teach your pet - maybe it’s something as big as getting into agility so you can work on various types of tricks all year long, or as simple as a new trick. It will also give you something new to learn and invest time into as well! 

Play more! 

A pet who gets plenty of play time is a happy and even healthy pet. More play time can decrease negative behavior and even build confidence in more shy pets. Plus, we could all use some more play time and less serious time after the year we just had. 

As you plan out your year, make sure you’re including your furry fren - it’ll add even more joy to your daily life and will give them a happier, healthier life.