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How to Celebrate Pet Father’s Day

by Pet Selfies Admin |

Father’s Day is right around the corner, but what about Pet Father’s Day? (Yes, it’s a thing.) 

Whether the dad in your life is a dog dad, cat dad, or a dad to any other pet, here are some fun pet-friendly ways to celebrate Father’s Day with him. 

  1. Go for a hike. Especially with so many restaurants and other fun indoor activities still being closed due to COVID-19, getting outside is a great option to celebrate dad. Find your favorite nearby trail or pack the family into the car for a road trip to a new hiking spot you’ve never visited before. Either way, make sure it’s pet friendly!
  2. Watch his favorite pet movie. Every dad has a favorite pet movie - maybe it’s Homeward Bound, Old Yeller, or Babe. Especially if the weather is bad, stay inside and have a fun movie day with the pets. 
  3. Host a party for other pet dads around. Invite all the pet dads you know, especially if they don’t have any human kids or any other plans that day. Have a pet-friendly barbecue or potluck and let the pets play while the dads relax. 
  4. Grrrrrrill out at home. If you don’t want to go the party route, have a relaxing barbecue at home with the family! Dogs love this option, too. Did someone say hot dogs?? This can also give you an idea of what to get for dad - get him some new grilling tools or spices, or go all out and get him a brand new grill. 
  5. Visit his favorite local brewery. Plenty of breweries are pet friendly and allow for you to safely social distance while still getting to get out, relax away from home, and try some new brews. 
  6. Get him something with his pet’s face on it! From mugs to socks to blankets and everything in between, we have plenty of ways for him to take his pet with him everywhere he goes. You can shop our exclusive Father’s Day collection here or shop all of our products here

Grab the dad in your life, grab the pet(s) in your life, and get to celebrating! There are plenty of ways to make sure he feels loved and celebrated by all of his kids - even the furry ones.

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