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How to Celebrate National Pet Day

by SPOKE Custom Products, LLC |

April 11th is right around the corner…which means it’s time to celebrate the best day of the year - National Pet Day! Here are a few ways to celebrate your furry friend this National Pet Day: 


1. Throw a Pet Party 

Just like hoomans, pets need a party as well to celebrate their special holiday. National Pet Day is the purfect excuse to throw your pet a party. Whether it’s decorating the house, giving your pet a gift basket full of toys, or inviting their furry frands over to celebrate- your pet deserves a party! 


2. Make a Pet-Friendly Treat

What pet doesn’t love food? In order to really make your pet feel special, a little treat would make their entire day. Make sure to make a treat that is edible or non-toxic to the pet before feeding, or if it's easier, just give them a little more food and lovin than usual. They will be happy either way! Here is a 3 ingredient tasty treat recipe for your furry friends to enjoy. 


3. Set Up a Pet Play Date 

Although pets are content with just hanging out with their owners, National Pet Day is a great time to gather your pet’s furry friends together for a play date. Taking the pets on a walk, playing fetch, or just being able to relax at home together; all pets will leave happy and counting down the days until the next play date!


4. Pamper Your Pet

Let’s be honest - your pet is already spoiled and loved every day. However, National Pet Day is a unique holiday where your pet can feel even more adored and cared for. A great way to go above and beyond for your pet is to get them groomed, buy them a new toy, or take them out on a special occasion. Any of these special treats will have your pet wagging with joy! 


5. Purchase a Custom Pet Item 

Lastly, there is no better way to celebrate your pet than getting a customized pet item with your pet’s cute little face on it. You can choose from a variety of different items, but some of our customers’ favorite picks are - blankets, sockos, and tumblers. 

Get to shopping and celebrate your pet here!