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Happy Pawloween! Halloween Tips for Pets

by Ellie Gwon |

It’s spooky szn, hoomans! It’s time to talk about how to keep your pets safe during Halloween or, as we like to call it, Pawloween. Check out our tips below. 


Pet costumes can be crazy cute, but some can also be dangerous. Make sure it’s not too tight on your pet, make sure  they can get out of it easily, and make sure they’re comfortable! Also avoid any costume that includes items they could choke on or trip over. 


Keep the Halloween candy away from your pets! Keep it stored high up, away from any area that your pet can access. Even candy that you wouldn’t think could be harmful to pets can contain harmful substances such as Xylitol that can be dangerous. 


Trick-or-treaters can be stressful for pets. Keep your pets inside and give them a safe, quiet spot to destress and escape the excitement of the day. Give them plenty of comfort, food, and water and sit with them when you can. \


Pets can become curious about new decorations displayed in their homes. They’re likely to poke around, do a sniff, and maybe even test out tasting the new decor. Make sure dangerous decorations are placed high up, out of reach of your pets, and that nothing can harm your pets. Pay close attention to things like candles and pumpkins. 

Jack O'Lanterns

Pets can experience stomach discomfort and some other issues if they consume moldy pumpkins. Keep your Jack O’Lanterns away from your pets and make sure they can’t be consumed. In addition to potentially moldy pumpkin insides, the flames inside Jack O’Lanterns also pose risks.


You’ll likely be opening and closing your door often for trick-or-treaters, and your pet will likely be a little extra anxious. That means there’s a chance your pet may flee. Make sure they have ID tags and can easily be traced back to you just in case. 

Have a safe, fun, and happy Pawloween - one that keeps your pets safe and happy as well. For more fall tips for your pets, click here