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Fall Tips for Pets

by Ellie Gwon |

This autumn, make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your pets safe. As the weather changes, it gets darker earlier, and routines shift, it’s time to take a few extra precautions. 

Here are some fall tips for pets:

Colder weather

Temps are starting to drop and your pets will get cold! It’s a good idea to keep them inside more often, keep an eye on them earlier in the day and late at night when you let them out, and make sure they have a warm spot to sleep. Also make sure you keep your pup’s coat so they can keep warm. 

It gets darker earlier

If you and your pooch are accustomed to after-dinner walks, prepare for it to start getting darker earlier. Wear bright colors and make sure your dog has a reflective collar so cars and other walkers can see you both.

New routines

It’s tough to talk about routines in 2020, but if you have any children going back to school, that means your pets will notice a schedule shift. Your pets may need some time to adjust to a new schedule, so give them some grace and spend some more time with them after work and/or school. 

Cold weather poisons

Rodents begin to seek shelter in our homes as the weather cools down, meaning you or your neighbors may be using rat and mouse poisons. These are highly toxic to pets, so make sure you’re using them with extreme caution in places that your pets cannot access, or use alternative methods. 


Many people think tick season ends after the summer, but it still lasts well into autumn. Use natural tick repellent to protect your pets and be prepared to remove them with tweezers if you find any. 

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