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Checklist for Pet-Proofing Your Home

by SPOKE Custom Products, LLC |

Pet-proofing your home is one of the most important things you can do before you bring a new furry fren home. Along with the usual tasks of buying a bed and food, setting up their space, and posting an adorable picture of your new furball to social media, you need to make sure you are pet-proofing to keep your home and your new pet safe. 


Check out this checklist for pet-proofing your home:

 Living Room:  

  • Put away all small decor or things that your furry fren could get into 
  • Cover all HVAC vents 
  • Cover any exposed electrical cords and wires 
  • Invest in a washable rug
  • Put away all house plants that your pup or kitty could get into 


  • Close all closet doors with access to shoes and clothing items 
  • Keep all medication and cosmetics that could be harmful to your pup or cat out of reach 
  • Make your bed each morning to discourage digging and tuck the corners of your blankets and sheets 
  • Create a space for your pet in a corner in your room 


  • Keep all trash cans latched
  • Keep food and drinks out of reach from your furry frens 
  • Keep the dishwasher closed when not in use 
  • Keep all cabinets closed and use childproof latches if you’re having trouble keeping your pets out of them 


  • Patch all holes in your fence
  • Make sure to check that all plants are non-toxic 
  • Remove all lawn equipment and dangerous materials when not in use

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