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8 Times You Should Get a Customized Pet Product

by Pet Selfies Admin |

As if you needed another reason to get yourself (or a loved one) a customized pet product, we put them all together in this nice list. So next time you’re debating whether or not to grab something from My Pet Selfies, look no further than right here! 

8 times you should get a customized pet product: 

    1. When someone in your life becomes a new pet parent. What better way to welcome a new fren into the family than with a mug or blanket showing off their face and name?!
    2. When you’re a crazy cat/dog/any kind of pet person. Listen. We’re all a little crazy. That’s just what happens when you’re a pet owner. Don’t try to hide your crazy; let it shine! Let the whole world see that you’re *sightly* obsessed with your dog/cat/lizard/rabbit/whatever pet you might have. Go on, get their face on some socks or a tumbler so you can show it off everywhere you go. 
    3. For Valentine’s Day. Because what’s better than a little puppy love?
    4. When someone you love starts a new job and needs to establish themselves as the pet person in the office. Um, hello notebooks, mugs, and stickers with their pet’s face on them! 
    5. When your pet doesn’t like to cuddle as much as you hoped. Got a lizard that doesn’t seem quite as cuddly as a puppy? Get his face on a blanket and suddenly you’re cuddling with him any time you like! 
    6. When you get sad leaving your pet each day. Take them with you! Mugs, travel tumblers, notebooks, stickers, buttons… there really isnt’a place your pet’s face can’t go. 
    7. When a sweet fren passes away. Keep their memory alive with a gift with their picture on it.
    8. Just because! 

Go on, use this as a sign that you should grab a customized pet product! Head to to get started.