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7 Pets Who Don’t Understand Why Their Faces are on Things

by Pet Selfies Admin |

While the humans are loving their mugs, blankets, socks, and more with their pets’ faces on them, we’ve recently found that pets may not fully understand this concept. 

So we’ve put together some of our favorite pictures of pets being utterly perplexed by their humans having items with their faces on them. 

For your viewing pleasure… 

pets looking at socksHuman, what ARE those???

pets looking away from mugUnless it’s filled with treats, I don’t care if it has my name on it, Tom.
pets protecting notebookU kno I don’t have opposable thumbs, right?? How am I even supposed to write in this, mahm?!
pets looking at youU see a cute mat with my face on it. I see a mat where my treatz should be. Wut iz wrong with this picture, hooman?? 
pets looking away from bowlMust. Look. Away.
pets wrapped around in blanketI mean, it iz comfy. 

pets looking sad next to mugFiiiiine. U can has all the things wit my face on them. Can I go back to sleepz now?? 

What does your pet think about having their face on something? Post your pictures on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter  and tag us so we can see them!