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5 Purrrfect Tips for Bringing Home a New Kitten

by Ellie Gwon |

Alright, hoomans, we know how overwhelming it can be to bring home a new furry friend. You're in luck! Here are 5 purrrfect tips for bringing home a new kitten that will set up for success. 


1. Give Your Kitty a Warm & Cozy Space 

When your new furry friend arrives at their new home, you want them to feel safe. Providing your kitty with a designated space will allow them to get used to their new environment. 


2. Make Sure Your Home is Kitten-Proof 

Kitties love to play with just about anything, so make sure all blinds and electrical cords are out of reach for your new pet.


3. Give Your Kitten Toys 

Kittens are full of energy! Give your kitty some toys to play with, especially when you’re not around, so they can stay entertained. This will also help with them scratching anything in your home up.


4. Provide Food, Water, and a Litter Box 

This sounds like a given, but make sure your new kitten is always properly fed, watered, and has access to the litter box at all times. 


5. Give Them Plenty of Time to Get Acquainted 

Don’t worry if your new kitten isn’t settling into their new home as quickly as you thought they would! It takes time for them to feel comfortable in a brand new environment and to be bonded to you! The more time you spend with your new furry friend, the better. 

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